Our Work

Our members work on a range of initiatives with the aim of educating people about their rights and the need to vote for a corruption-free government. This has led us to organise a series of events with high-level politicians, and form civic initiative committees that engage with the government and raise awareness within the community


Raising Civic Awareness

Civic Awareness refers to the foundation that makes people more active participants in elections, community planning and decision making, investing and volunteering in community activities.

India First is a frontline campaigner committed to raising political and social equality awareness among citizens during the electoral process. Through various voter awareness campaigns around the country, India First has inspired and helped thousands of citizens to take the initiative of registering themselves as voters, thereby improving the democratic process.

Key Campaign Activities:

  • Our voter registration campaign resulted in 30,000 new voter registrations in South Mumbai alone
  • Our website research and editorial picks educated large audiences on key political issues
  • Our campaigns crossed physical boundaries through the setting up of our own call centres, where we made 170,000 outgoing calls across 5 constituencies with the help of over 8000 volunteers

Community Action Groups

Community Action Groups are local community groups that initiate projects to take action on issues including, waste, transport, energy and biodiversity.

India First is actively engaged in Advanced Locality Management (ALM), a partnership between the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and citizens for sustainable waste management solutions in various neighbourhoods around South Mumbai.

Key ALM Activities:

  • Citizen meetings in various neighbourhoods to created awareness
  • Steps to prevent nuisance of overflowing bins and littering in the neighbourhood
  • Segregation of wet and dry waste to ease collection and processing of waste
  • Improved sanitation and hygiene around prime residential areas in South Mumbai

Over time, these groups have transformed into improving the general welfare of the community, and have taken up a wide range of initiatives beyond waste management.