Arvind Sawant

Member of Parliament, South Mumbai 

In order to make India 272+ a true success, India First hosted the NDA Candidate of South Mumbai Mr. Arvind Sawant under the India First Speaker Series. 

Mr. Sawant came across as a simple, true and honest politician. A grassroots politician, Mr. Sawant did not have much of an opinion on policy matters, but displayed strong leadership qualities, who understood the problems and sentiments of the people-and is fully committed to the NDA alliance.

Well appreciated by the audience, Mr. Sawant addressed various issues such as economic growth and job creation, focus on quality education and how we can work together to reduce government involvement in business and fight corruption. Mr. Sawant endorses his party philosophy of 'if industries survive and grow, the employees will survive and prosper.'

Having been a Mumbai boy all his life, the passion and affection for the city was evident when he spoke about reviving the vibrancy of the commercial capital of India by means such as the improvement of the Mumbai port and other measures of social upliftment.

Being on the same wave length of Modiji's ideology and values, Mr. Sawant is an apt candidate fielded from the South Mumbai constituency, a valiant soldier in Narendra Modi's NDA army